Premium Customer Service Culture

Executive Recruitment, Talent Management

& Leadership Performance

Business & Conceptual Development

Delta Lambda Hospitality is trusted to establish a Premium Customer Service Culture for highly reputed companies, in various markets of the global economy. Great customer experience is the key element that ensures business longevity & success.

We implement training methods that have been developed and tested through projects with professionals from different fields like psychologists, neuroscientists, surgeons, choreographers, architects, magicians and performing artists.

The training modules can be tailor made and are related to delivery of premium customer service, design of a unique guest experience, emotional intelligence, ethos & values culture, communication management, non-verbal communication, body language, voice qualities, creativity, motivation and other fields that could be taken into consideration when it comes to premium customer experience.

We do not consider our company a ‘recruitment agency’, though we have the credentials on assisting leading hospitality organizations to attract extraordinary human capital. We have a solid network with immediate access to leading professionals in hospitality and it is tremendously effective and very much appreciative by businesses and colleagues.

We support our clients with training and development of their respective teams. Delta Lambda Hospitality has proven records of how efficient and inspiring training and coaching sessions can deliver when it comes to creating solid and loyal teams.

A variety of training modules are available that can be one-off or clustered sessions. There is a supportive team of trusted associates and experts that could be part of a tailor made training session and adapted to the needs of the fields that every organization is involved with.

Delta Lambda Hospitality supports businesses to design, develop and establish their brand and product placement in the hospitality industry. We have a wealth of expertise and insight when it comes to concepts’ set up and operation of companies within the market of luxury hospitality services.

We can cover successfully every aspect needed when it comes to establish a new F&B outlet, whether independent or within a small boutique Hotel or on sites like Museums, Hospitals, Luxury Retail Departments.

Our lead is that on top of the expertise, we have immediate access and very strong relationships with the top professionals in the hospitality industry. They are experienced leaders, pioneers and game changers, disruptors and innovative entrepreneurs. Our connections are a point of reference as second to none.