Fat Duck
Heston Blumenthal OBE
Chef – Owner

“Dimi has been an adamant member of the management team at The Fat Duck for quite a few years. His hard work, dedication, thirst for evolution and perfectionism have brought our guests’ experience to a new level. He managed to create a strong team, increased our loyal guests’ list and contributed to the longevity of this project. His ideas relating to the Front of House service were second to none and he succeeded on being an ambassador of our vision to the whole world. I always admired his knowledge, his desire to do new things, to experience and learn from others, to bring people together and above all, to remain so humble and inspiring for the people around him. I wish him best of luck for Delta Lambda Hospitality as he has the right business mind set and I would love to work with him again in the near future.”

Andoni Luis Aduriz
Chef – Owner

“Dimi has many of the attributes of what we usually call “excellence”. We could say he is an extraordinary professional but that wouldn’t be fair enough. Instead we’d rather say that his critical capacity, his discretion and his ability to anticipate what others need, make him one of the best professionals in the world.”


Peter Kreiner
Managing Director

‘’I have known Dimi for a number of years, and I am proud to call him my friend. While he was at The Fat Duck, I had a close cooperation with him, and admire his excellent skills in managing guest experiences. He is really someone you can learn from – and his ongoing desire to learn and develop himself is admirable. On top of this, Dimi has a great network within our industry, and is very well respected. I am sure that Dimi’s skills in bringing the right people together will lead to lots of success for those lucky enough to work with him in the future. – Dimi is your man, and your guarantee that the job will be done.”


Damián García Puig
Former General Manager of elBulli Media

“Dimi is the SOUL of Hospitality in the broadest sense: as a professional and as a human being. Well… I am not that sure that he is really human. It’ s like that you can feel him but not touch him. You realize that he is there by the unconditional search of perfection, warmth, attention to details, need to deliver and fulfill that he puts in everything he does. He says the he is Greek, maybe, a passionate man, a gift of the Gods… From this point of view it could be true, but I think that at least he is a world citizen (even that I am tempted to say that he is an alien that has landed in our planet just to make us happier). A true friend for sure.”

Eleven Madison Park

Will Guidara
Co – Owner

“Every once in a while, in the world of restaurants, someone comes around who has the ability to find that balance between excellence and hospitality that evades so many. Someone who can welcome a guest, motivate a team, and inspire a generation of industry peers. Dimi is one of those rare individuals. It’s been an honor to bear witness to his successes over the years, even a greater honor to call him a friend.”


George Calombaris
Chef – Owner

“I was lucky enough to meet Dimi in 2009 when I dined at one of the world’s best restaurants, Heston Blumenthal’s The Fat Duck, in the UK. Dimi became the restaurant manager. This restaurant ran like clockwork. His attention to detail, his efficiency, his hard work and amazing people skills made The Fat Duck what it is today. My good friend Heston Blumenthal has even told me that Dimi is sadly missed. He left a legacy there and is now moving to make his own dream, a legacy of his own. He is the consummate professional with a real gift for relationship building whilst running a tight ship. I wish he would come and live in Australia and work for me!!!”

Institute of Philosophy

Prof Barry C Smith
Director of Centre for the Study of the Senses

“It has been a great pleasure working with Dimitris Leivadas. The sessions we organized at the Centre for the Study of the Senses at the University of London allowed the Fat Duck team to hear about the latest sensory science and share their insights into how these could enhance the experience of the diners. With his skill and flair for putting people together, Dimitris has ensured that partnerships like these can be valuable exchanges for all. He has a talent for bringing together the worlds of the arts, fine dining, and scientific research. We need more like him and I wish him well in his new venture.”

St John's College

William A. Brogan
Catering & Conference Manager

“We used Dimitris Leivadas to carry out some Front of House training to my staff here at St John’s College, Cambridge. This was very enlightening, and was very well received by my staff, and it also inspired them greatly. The training was given to a very high standard. The training was carried out by Dimitris, who has vast knowledge of the hospitality sector and could draw on his during his presentation. They are still talking about it to this day. I would like to recommend them to any company, and hope to use them in the future.”


Ali ‘DUBFIRE’ Shirazinia
World famous DJ, Music Producer

“I had finally managed to book a table at the esteemed Fat Duck and upon taking my seat at the table, was given the most amazing personal note from Dimi who, sadly, was out of town that day. We had never met before but he had been a big fan of my old group Deep Dish and had recollected some great memories which he shared in the note. It was wonderful to have such a nice, personal gesture to begin our epic experience at The Fat Duck and something I will never forget. Later we connected on email and remain good friends to this day. And while I am sad that he has left the restaurant, I know that he will bring his unique personality and magic touch to Delta Lambda Hospitality.”

Design Indaba
Ravi Naidoo
Founder of Design Indaba

“Dimi Leivadas is a hospitality industry maven…. He gets about his work with such passion and élan, its positively infectious.. Having first met him at The Fat Duck some five years ago, I’ve called on his good offices often. He’s my go-to guy for the inside track on the global restaurant scene.”