Ray Harris
Vice Chairman of Wealth Management / Morgan Stanley

’We have had the pleasure of dining at The Fat Duck on about a dozen occasions and Dimi made it an exceptional, out of this world experience. He possesses all the characteristics of a great Restaurant Manager and Host: understated, elegant demeanor, professional grace. And, he has the “attention to detail” gene that is so critical to people in the service and client business.”


Gary Susans
Director of Service and Support in Asia, Pacific and Europe / Apple Inc.

“My wife and I were fortunate to meet Dimitris at the Fat Duck and were taken aback by his warmth, professionalism and attention to detail that evening. Managing such a world renowned establishment would mean meeting some very important and famous people, yet Dimitris treated my wife and I as if we were the only guest’s, a rare talent indeed. Since that evening, Dimitris, has managed a number of bookings for our friends and the feedback we have received as always been complimentary. Dimitris is a fine example of how to deliver exclusive, professional and friendly service, with a touch of class. I wish him well in his new venture, one that I am sure will be successful.’’


Yuki Omura
Senior Manager, Financial Crime / National Australia Bank

“Dimi is the epitome of what I call excellence. My journey in discovering the culinary world started at the Fat Duck years ago and whilst Heston’s magical menu blew me away, it was Dimi’s meticulous attention to detail, perfectionism and ability to always be one step ahead of his guests that made the Fat Duck’s Front of House my benchmark in the fine dining world; a standard which has spoiled me forever. With an innate ability to effortlessly blend his professionalism with his warm personality, a person like Dimi in the hospitality world is a rarity; a rarity which I have had the pleasure to have met and call a friend today.”


Concetto Marletta
Founder / Totally Indispensable

”I first met Dimi when he ran The Fat Duck in Bray. I was more than impressed.  He is a consummate professional and networker with an eye for detail. He simply “gets” the hospitality business and what it means to deliver at the very top of the game. Where the fine detail needs to be balanced with the business imperative. To this end he has a fantastic understanding of the importance of high-level networking and has made many introductions between his clients which have benefitted their businesses. His connections are second to none.He has a passion for excellent guest service and knows how to deliver it. To sum up, his professionalism, depth of knowledge, contacts and attention to detail are superlative.”